Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Organize Closet Space To Double Your Space

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Organize To Increase Space

Organize Your Closets and Cabinets To Increase Your Space
The topic at hand is "Increasing Your Living Space" easily and on the cheap. You don't need to purchase expensive shelving or pay someone to rearrange your closets and kitchen cabinets.

I'm sure there are hundreds of ways to increase your living space and here I'm going to share with you the ways I have increased my living space easily and on the cheap.

The first step I did was I sat down with a pen and paper, opened my closet doors and kitchen cabinet doors then visualized in my mind how I would like to rearrange my closets and kitchen cabinets. Then I made a list of what I needed to purchase to rearrange, organize and increase each space.

The first item I purchased were shelves that slide onto my closet and kitchen cabinet shelves. View the photos within this Hub to see for yourself what I mean. I also purchased Huggable Hangers, Space Bags and The Shoe Under. All of the items I purchased are inexpensive which makes them affordable.

I purchased the Shoe Under at Walgreens for $10.00. I purchased the Space Bags and the Huggable Hangers at Bed Bath and Beyond AND I used their store coupons which saved me even more money. I purchased the shelves at Bed Bath and Beyond AND Home Depot. The prices ranged from $6.99 to $12.99 and a few of the shelves I got at a Flea Market for a few dollars.

The hardest part of rearranging and organizing your living space is finding the time to get the job done. I spent one day per week for a month to finish the task at hand. It was well worth the effort AND I know exactly where everything is, I'm organized AND I created much needed space. Besides organizing myself, because I took the time to finish the job I also cleaned out house. I feel whenever you clean out house you do through some stuff away AND of course I gave a few things away to people who truly needed them. I organized my world AND helped a few people less fortunate then myself.

I'm sure my suggestions can work for your laundry room and garage. I live in a co-op and don't have those luxuries and that is why I decided to organize to create more living space because I really needed it.

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